By embedding subtle elements of French style into Central- and South-American inspired cuisine, Manos Nouveau guides diners beyond fusion into an artful medley of several cultures, while still remaining Latin at heart.

Manos Nouveau is a chef-run restaurant, every element of your dining experience is handcrafted in our exhibition kitchen.  We incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients into our menu, which features an array of savory and creative seafood, meat and vegetable dishes.


From Latin America & the Iberian Peninsula

We take pride in sourcing an elegant array of wines, which we carefully store and serve at the perfect temperature for your enjoyment.  We specifically feature unique small batch vintages from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula that have been hand-selected to beautifully complement our cuisine. Please ask for recommended pairings as you dine.


What’s in a name?

MANOS, Spanish for “hands”, refers to the talented and creative people who helped make this restaurant possible. NOUVEAU is French for “new and inventive,” but is also an upscale contemporary French culinary style which embraces invention in lieu of tradition while encouraging unique pairings and artistic presentation.

The name also reflects our guiding principles of community, creativity & opportunity that make MN unique.  Here you will enjoy savory food, personally handcrafted with care by our talented chef & sous chef.  Meanwhile, enjoy dining in a similarly handcrafted environment. From the beautifully crafted ceramic dinnerware, handmade piano-finish bar, handcrafted sign, rotating paintings and sculptural work by local artists, and even handmade pillows, every element of Manos Nouveau invites personal connection.

This belief in community and collaboration also inspired our transition to an all inclusive pricing structure, which our employees and customers love and we are proud to offer.

      ©2021 Manos Nouveau | Artistic Latin-French Restaurant & Wine Bar in the Heart of the Castro

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